Friday, October 16, 2009

DC 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol 1 #19

Download DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #19

100-Page Super Spectacular DC-19
PUBLICATION DATE: August 1973 (onsale 5/10/1973)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers NO ADS
COVER ART: Joe Kubert
NOTES: Tarzan Giant #1
CONTENTS: "Tarzan"
  • Tarzan: "Tarzan and the Elephants' Guardian" (23 pages)
    Russ Manning (Writer/Artist)
  • Tarzan: "Tarzan and the Prisoners in Opar" (34 pages)
    Russ Manning (Writer/Artist)
  • Tarzan: "How I Met Tarzan" (11 pages)
    Russ Manning (Writer/Artist)
  • Tarzan: "Tembo Haven" (21 pages)
    Russ Manning (Writer/Artist)
  • "People in Tarzan's Africa" (6 Pages)
    (Text: Facts about Africa)
  • "A Look Through the Super Spectacles" (Inside Back Cover)
    (Text: Letters page)
  • Pin-Up (Back Cover)

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