Thursday, October 8, 2009

DC 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol 1 #11

Download DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #11

Flash #214
PUBLICATION DATE: April 1972 (onsale 2/3/1972)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers NO ADS
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
NOTES: Flash Giant #10; DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #DC-11
CONTENTS: "The Gantlet of Super-Villains"
  • Flash: "The Gantlet of Super-Villains" (24 pages)
    John Broome (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Penciller), Joe Giella (Inker)
    From Flash #155, September 1965
  • Quicksilver: (The Wasp) (6 pages)
    Dan Zolnerowich (Artist)
    From National Comics #67, August 1948
  • Kid Flash: "The Face Behind the Mask" (10 pages)
    John Broome (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Penciller), Joe Giella (Inker)
    From Flash #122, August 1961
  • Johnny Quick: "The Modern Paul Bunyan" (6 pages)
    Paul Norris (Artist)
    From Adventure Comics #179, August 1952
  • Flash: "The Tale of the Three Tokens" (12 pages)
    Robert Kanigher (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Penciller), Bernard Sachs (Inker)
  • Metal Men: "The Flaming Doom" (25 pages)
    Robert Kanigher (Writer), Ross Andru (Penciller), Mike Esposito (Inker)
    From Showcase #37, Mar/Apr 1962
  • Flash: "The Weather Wizard Blows Up a Storm" (13 pages)
    Gardner F. Fox (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Penciller), Joe Giella (Inker)
    From Flash #145, June 1964
  • "Famous Flash Covers" (Inside Back Cover)
    (Cover gallery featuring Showcase #4 and Flash #155)

1 comment:

The Groovy Agent said...

This was the first Super-Spec I actually bought off the spinner-rack. My parents nearly flipped, and I didn't ask for another comicbook for about a week, but it was worth it. Ironically, I what I really flipped for was the cover--then I read the book until that cover was no more.

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