Friday, August 27, 2010

Justice Society of America 100-Page Super Spectacular #1

Download Justice Society of America 100-Page Super Spectacular, No. 1, 1975 Issue
(Published in May of 2000)
Click here to read the contents

Comic books haven't always been 32-page magazines. During the Golden Age of comics, most issues were 64 pages in length before shrinking to 52, then 48, and, finally, to the current standard of 32 pages. Beginning in the 1960s, DC Comics regularly published the fondly remembered 80-Page Giants, a format that lasted until 1971. But, as if to outdo itself, DC that very same year introduced yet another oversized format, the 100-Page Super Spectacular. These mammoth compilations were everything their name implied a and proved so popular that, in 1974, DC began to publish many of their ongoing titles in the format, featuring a lead story of new material backed up by reprints that spanned the company's rich and varied publishing history.

Circumstances soon forced DC to scale back these 100 page efforts. But what if there HAD existed one last Super Spectacular DC's original superhero team, the Justice Society of America — a "lost" issue that had never seen print...?

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