Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Unexpected #162

Download The Unexpected #162

Unexpected #162
PUBLICATION DATE: Mar/Apr 1975 (onsale 12/12/1974)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
CONTENTS: "Unexpected"
  • "I'll Bug You to Your Grave" (8 pages)
    George Kashdan (Writer), Ruben Yandoc (Artist)
  • "Half a Man is Better Than None" (8 pages)
    Dave Wood (Writer), Bill Draut (Artist)
  • "When is It My Turn to Die?" (8 pages)
    George Kashdan (Writer), Alex N. Nino (Artist)
  • "Steps to Disaster" (4 pages)
    Pat Boyette (Artist)
    From Unexpected #116, Dec/Jan 1969
  • "The Corpse That Didn't Die" (4 pages)
    Dave Wood (Writer), Pat Boyette (Artist)
    From Unexpected #112, Apr/May 1969
  • "The Vengeful Windmill" (3 pages)
    Dave Wood (Writer), Bill Draut (Artist)
    From Unexpected #109, Oct/Nov 1968
  • "Friday the 13th Club" (8 pages)
    Curt Swan (Penciller), George Klein (Inker)
    From House of Mystery #4, Jun/Jul 1952
  • "That Dead Old Gang of Mine" (7 pages)
    Carl Wessler (Writer), Abe Ocampo (Artist)
  • "I Fell in Love with a Witch" (8 pages)
    Curt Swan (Penciller)
    From House of Mystery #1, Dec/Jan 1951
  • "Free Me from the Bewitched Bell" (8 pages)
    George Roussos (Artist)
    From My Greatest Adventure #71, September 1962
  • "Master of the Voodoo Machine" (8 pages)
    Carl Wessler (Writer), Bernard Baily (Artist)
    From Tales of the Unexpected #104, Dec/Jan 1967
  • "The Man Who Betrayed Earth" (6 pages)
    Jack Kirby (Artist)
    From House of Mystery #72, March 1958
  • "Unexpected Mail" (2 Pages)
    (Letters Page)


Anonymous said...

great work

HEH said...

Excellent! I grabbed these to read. Thanks!

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