Monday, November 2, 2009

Young Love #108

I don't have any scans of this one in English, but if some kind soul would send me a copy (or at least alert me as to where one is) I'll upload it to this clearing house for fans of DC's 100-Page Super Spectacular Comic books as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance!

Download Young Love #108
(Spanish language version only)

Young Love #108
PUBLICATION DATE: Feb/Mar 1974 (onsale 11/1/1973)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
CONTENTS: "The Agony and Ecstasy of Young Love"
  • "Twice in One Summer" (9 pages)
  • "A Picture to Kiss" (7 pages)
  • "Cry Like a Real Girl" (3 pages)
  • "I'll Send for You" (8 pages)
  • "An Hour of Love" (8 pages)
  • "Don't Call It Love" (7 pages)
  • "Pick Up the Pieces" (8 pages)
  • "My Secret Love" (12 pages)
    From Young Romance #142, Jun/Jul 1966
  • "Only Money" (6 pages)
  • "Serenade to a Broken Heart" (8 pages)
    Mike Sekowsky (Penciller)
    From Secret Hearts #65, August 1960
  • "Laugh It Up" (6 pages)
  • "Questions" (1 Page)
    (Teenage advice)
  • "Marc - on the Man's Side" (1 Page)
    (Letters page)


Peter said...

Same Comic, in spanish :

thanks for share all this comics.

The Executioner said...

Many thanks for alerting me this comic book's whereabouts, Peter!

I wish I understood Spanish, but I'll still keep an eye out for the English language version if one does exist.

Thank you again!

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