Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tarzan #231

Download Tarzan #231

TITLE: Tarzan #231
PUBLICATION DATE: Jun/Jul 1974 (onsale 3/28/1974)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Joe Kubert
CONTENTS: "Tarzan"
  • Tarzan: "Tarzan and the Lion Man" (18 pages)
    Joe Kubert (Writer/Artist)
  • Congo Bill: "Safaris For Sale" (6 pages)
    Jack Miller (Writer), Edwin J. Smalle, Jr. (Artist)
    From Action Comics #174, November 1952
  • Tarzan: "The Deadly Dangers of Pal-Ul-Don" (21 pages)
    Russ Manning (Writer/Artist)
  • Bomba: "My Enemy... the Jungle" (19 pages)
    George Kashdan (Writer), Jack Sparling (Artist)
    From Bomba the Jungle Boy #3, Jan/Feb 1968
  • Detective Chimp: "The Return of Detective Chimp" (6 pages)
    John Broome (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Penciller), Frank Giacoia (Inker)
    From Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #6, Nov/Dec 1952
  • Korak, Son of Tarzan: "The Ancient Awakes" (8 pages)
    Robert Kanigher (Writer), Alex N. Nino (Artist)
  • "Evolution Through an Ape-Man's Eyes" (1 Page)
    (Text feature by Allan Asherman)
  • "The Dum-Dum" (2 Pages)
    (Letters Page)

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