Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Batman #261

Download Batman #261

Note: this is the final issue of 100-Page Super Spectacular.

Batman #261
PUBLICATION DATE: Mar/Apr 1975 (onsale 12/31/1974)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
NOTES: Last 100-Page Giant
CONTENTS: "Batman"
  • Batman: "The Mystery That Never Was" (20 pages)
    Dennis J. O'Neil (Writer), Irv Novick (Penciller), Dick Giordano (Inker)
  • Batman: "Crime's Man-Hunt" (13 pages)
    Joseph Greene (Writer), Dick Sprang (Artist)
    From Detective Comics #92, October 1944
  • Batman: "The 1,001 Inventions of Batman" (8 pages)
    Edmond Hamilton (Writer), Dick Sprang (Penciller), Charles Paris (Inker)
    From Batman #109, August 1957
  • Batman: "A Christmas Peril" (12 pages)
    Don Cameron (Writer), Jerry Robinson (Artist)
    From Batman #27, Feb/Mar 1945
  • Batman: "The Great Batman Contest" (8 pages)
    Bill Finger (Writer), Sheldon Moldoff (Penciller), Charles Paris (Inker)
    From Batman #100, June 1956
  • Batman: "The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City" (14 pages)
    Gardner F. Fox (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Penciller), Joe Giella (Inker)
    From Detective Comics #345, November 1965
  • "Bat-Puzzle" (1 Page)
    (Word search)
  • "Strange Laws" (1 Page)
    (Humor filler by Henry Boltinoff)
  • "The Women in the Batman's Life" (1 Page)
    (Facts about women from Batman's life)
  • "Batman Workshop" (1 Page)
    (Hobby hints)
  • "Letters to the Batman" (2 Pages)
    (Letters Page)


Tog said...

Thank you for this wealth of Golden and Silver Age goodies!

Anonymous said...

The end...Thanks for all the posts!

David d

Anonymous said...

As a kid, these were an incredible education in Golden Age comics--thanks for posting them!

Anonymous said...

""As a kid, these were an incredible education in Golden Age comics--thanks for posting them!""


and they were AFFORDABLE, what kid couldn't get up 50 or 60 cents?

Time to bring this format back DC!

David d

Anonymous said...

thanks so much.
please dont forget Love Histories ♥

orion24 said...

Great Job, Thank You for doing this, It's a Shame it had to End, They brought back allot of Memories.

Thank's Again.


Gio C said...

I Bought tons of these DCs as a kid... Even the 64 page square bound "GIANTS" for 50c that came Jan 75 as I recall.. Then shrunk to 48 page staple bound "Giant" s in '76... Blowing up to the all new 80 page "Dollar Comics" in Jan '77. OK I stop there , Funny how I remember the format over the content...

----Yet Another 70 s comics kid

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