Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tarzan #234

Download Tarzan #234

TITLE: Tarzan #234
PUBLICATION DATE: Dec/Jan 1974 (onsale 9/26/1974)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Joe Kubert
CONTENTS: "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle"
  • Tarzan: "Tarzan and the Lion Man" (18 pages)
    Joe Kubert (Writer/Artist)
  • Detective Chimp: "A Whistle for Bobo" (6 pages)
    John Broome (Writer), Carmine Infantino (Artist)
    From Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #27, May/Jun 1956
  • Congo Bill: "The Man-Eater of Mandalao" (6 pages)
    Jack Miller (Writer), Edwin J. Smalle, Jr. (Artist)
    From Action Comics #176, January 1953
  • "I Was a Jungle Ringmaster" (7 pages)
    John Prentice (Artist)
    From My Greatest Adventure #5, Sep/Oct 1955
  • Tarzan: "Thunder Lizard" (26 pages)
    Russ Manning (Writer/Artist)
  • "I Was a Prisoner in a Human Zoo" (7 pages)
    Ruben Moreira (Artist)
    From My Greatest Adventure #14, Mar/Apr 1957
  • Korak, Son of Tarzan: "White Death" (8 pages)
    Robert Kanigher (Writer), Alex N. Nino (Artist)
  • "Tarzan's Animal Facts" (1 Page)
    (A Series of Nature Studies)
  • "Tarzan's Jungle Album" (1 Page)
    (Movie photo)
  • "The Dum-Dum" (2 Pages)
    (Letters Page)

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