Sunday, November 1, 2009

Batman #254

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Batman #254
PUBLICATION DATE: Jan/Feb 1974 (onsale 10/23/1973)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
CONTENTS: "Batman"
  • Batman: "King of the Gotham Jungle" (13 pages)
    Frank Robbins (Writer), Irv Novick (Penciller), Dick Giordano (Inker)
  • Batman: "The Witch and the Manuscript of Doom" (13 pages)
    Bill Finger (Writer), Bob Kane (Artist)
    From World's Best Comics #1, 1941
  • Batman: "Bullet-Hole Club" (12 pages)
    David Vern Reed (Writer), Dick Sprang (Penciller), Charles Paris (Inker)
    From World's Finest Comics #50, Feb/Mar 1951
  • Batman: "The Man Who Stole from Batman" (15 pages)
    Gardner F. Fox (Writer), Sheldon Moldoff (Penciller), Joe Giella (Inker)
    From Detective Comics #334, December 1964
  • Robin: "The Phenomenal Memory of Luke Graham" (7 pages)
    Elliot S. Maggin (Writer), Dick Dillin (Penciller), Murphy Anderson (Inker)
  • Batman: "The Son of the Joker" (10 pages)
    Bill Finger (Writer), Sheldon Moldoff (Artist)
    From Batman #145, February 1962
  • Batman: "The Guardian of the Bat-Signal" (10 pages)
    Edmond Hamilton (Writer), Sheldon Moldoff (Penciller), Charles Paris (Inker)
    From Batman #85, August 1954
  • "Batman Oddities" (1 Page)
    (Several panels from old Batman stories)
  • "Bat-Maze" (1 Page)
  • "Letters to the Batman" (2 Pages)
    (Letters Page)

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