Thursday, October 15, 2009

DC 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol 1 #18

Download DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #18

100-Page Super Spectacular DC-18
PUBLICATION DATE: July 1973 (onsale 4/12/1973)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers NO ADS
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
NOTES: Superman Giant #26
CONTENTS: "Superman"
  • Superman: "I Sustain the Wings" (12 pages)
    Mort Weisinger (Writer), Fred Ray (Artist)
    From Superman #25, Nov/Dec 1943
  • Atom: "Murder on a Star" (5 pages)
    Joseph Greene (Writer), Jon Chester Kozlak (Artist)
    From Flash Comics #90, December 1947
  • Atom: "Lockup in the Lethal Lightbulb" (15 pages)
    Gardner F. Fox (Writer), Gil Kane (Penciller), Murphy Anderson (Inker)
    From Atom #8, Aug/Sep 1963
  • Superman: "Superboy's Last Day in Smallville" (10 pages)
    Jerry Coleman (Writer), Wayne Boring (Penciller), Stan Kaye (Inker)
    From Superman #97, May 1955
  • TNT and Dyna-Mite: "The Crime Clown" (7 pages)
    Mort Weisinger (Writer), Al Carreno (Artist)
    From World's Finest Comics #5, Spring 1942
  • Hourman: (The Menace of Dr. Togg) (8 pages)
    Gardner F. Fox (Writer), Bernard Baily (Artist)
    From Adventure Comics #57, December 1940
  • Captain Triumph: (All That Glitters is Not Gold) (15 pages)
    Bill Quackenbush (Artist)
    From Crack Comics #42, May 1946
  • Superman: "The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue" (24 pages)
    Leo Dorfman (Writer), Curt Swan (Penciller), George Klein (Inker)
    From Superman #162, July 1963
  • "A Look Through the Super Spectacles" (Inside Back Cover)
    (Text: Letters page)
  • "DC's Cover Gallery" (Back Cover)
    (Superman #25, Superman #162, Atom #8, and Crack Comics #42)

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