Sunday, March 28, 2010

Superman Family #167

Download Superman Family #167

TITLE: Superman Family #167
PUBLICATION DATE: Oct/Nov 1974 (onsale 7/25/1974)
FORMAT: 96 squarebound pages plus covers
COVER ART: Nicholas Peter Cardy
CONTENTS: "Jimmy Olsen Presents the Superman Family"
  • Jimmy Olsen: "A Deep Death for Mr. Action" (12 pages)
    Leo Dorfman (Writer), Kurt Schaffenberger (Artist)
  • Jimmy Olsen: "The Trail of the Spider" (8 pages)
    Leo Dorfman (Writer), Kurt Schaffenberger (Artist)
  • Lois Lane: "The Amazing Hydro-Girl" (8 pages)
    Otto Binder (Writer), Kurt Schaffenberger (Artist)
    From Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #60, October 1965
  • Supergirl: "Supergirl's Greatest Victory" (12 pages)
    Otto Binder (Writer), Jim Mooney (Artist)
    From Action Comics #262, March 1960
  • Superboy: "The Lair of Brainiac" (9 pages)
    Jerry Siegel (Writer), Curt Swan (Penciller), George Klein (Inker)
    From Superboy #106, July 1963
  • Superboy: "The Day Pete Ross Became a Robot" (11 pages)
    Jerry Coleman (Writer), George Papp (Artist)
    From Superboy #100, October 1962
  • Jimmy Olsen: "Super Lucy Lane" (9 pages)
    Jerry Siegel (Writer), John Forte (Artist)
    From Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #67, March 1963
  • Superboy: "The Insect Queen of Smallville" (8 pages)
    Otto Binder (Writer), George Papp (Artist)
    From Superboy #124, October 1965
  • "Super Pets and Super-Threats" (2 Pages)
    (Details of super-powered animals)
  • "Fact File on the Superman Family" (2 Pages)
    (Facts about Professor Lang, Bizarro, Superbaby, the Kents, and Pete Ross)
  • "Jimmy Olsen's Pen-Pals" (1 Page)
    (Letters Page)

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